Roles change as innovative approach to educate youngsters toward diversities into schools


in the YOUTH field:

The guidelines text of the role change metholodogy as innovative approach to educate youngsters toward diversities is free downloadable here:

Tool Kit - Teather and Diversity
Workshop Exercise for those who want to repeat or inspire to create a theatrical journey on the theme of diversity.

Roles change as innovative approach to educate youngsters toward diversities into schools

in the YOUTH field:

The intent of this partnership is to build a methodology based on the inversion of the role of the young disabled person to be proficient in training other young people on the theme of diversity, starting with the idea of working on real skills that each of them possess.


  • Exchange of good practices and the development of quality strategies and innovative tools and methodologies to improve non-formal education for people with disabilities.
  • Structuring corpus of theories and methodologies to support the social inclusion of young people with disabilities through the theater.
  • Development, testing, implementation and dissemination of the methodology of the reversal of roles and innovative instruments for the formation of youth with disabilities as leaders of theater workshops and education of young people in diversity.

Expected results:

  • The knowledge and the exchange of theatrical techniques and methodologies of social workers in the field of inclusion of young people with disabilities.
  • Production of a text on the methodology of role inversion experienced by the partner organizations.
  • The creation of a format of theater workshop on diversity co-led by young people with disabilities to be implemented in schools.
  • Sharing and testing of tools for evaluating the skills acquired by young people involved in the activities and impact of the workshops in high schools.
  • Dissemination of project results to all stakeholders and operators in the territories of the partner organizations that deal with inclusion of young people with disabilities and Education Diversity.

Number and profile of the actors involved:

The direct beneficiaries of the activities will be:

  • 10 social workers or technical theater;
  • 9 young people with disabilities;
  • 18 teachers;
  • 150 young people aged between 14 and 18 years of high school involved in the testing laboratories.

The indirect beneficiaries involved through specific activities and visibility will be:

  • aproximatly 40 educators of the team of actors;
  • about 600 young students of the schools involved.

Project duration: 2 years (from 1 July 2015 to 30 June, 2017)

The project therefore included 3 short-term training events involving theater technicians, social workers and young people with disabilities with experience in theater activities within the participating organizations who will build together the theoretical and practical elements of the innovative methodology through cooperative learning.

The project is developed in the following stages:

  • Sharing of innovative theories and conceptual tools for the management of individual projects to accompany young people with disabilities to become co-leader in theater workshops;
  • The development, testing and adoption of innovative methods and tools for the non-formal education of young people with disabilities, in order to recognize and assess the skills acquired in the learning process;
  • The creation of a shared format of theater workshop on the theme of diversity;
  • The experimentation of the partner organizations at local level by using the format of the theater workshop on diversity within high schools and youth centers;
  • The implementation of the final events of the laboratories involved in schools in order to inform and raise awareness on the work done on the topic of diversity all young people not directly involved in previously;
  • The sharing and dissemination of results between all different actors involved in the inclusion of young people with disabilities and education for diversity.

The Events

Participation is free, the subsistence costs are covered by the project as described above and to subscribe is necessary to fill up the application form for one on the events


March 16th 2017


March 21st 2017


March 30th 2017


April 7th 2017

Here's the video of the events






Program of the events

- Participants Registration

- Artistic Installations

- Istitutions Introduction

- The experience of an international project:

Theater performance by international leader and co-leader of a partner organisation

- Display Your Abilities - Project Presentation:

Speaking and video by the International project representative

Workshops Presentation:

- The difficulties faced and the learning outcomes:

Interviews to the leader and co-leader of theater workshops

- The impact of the workshop on the youngsters about their approach through diversity:

Video / interviews to the young participants of the workshops

- Role change methodology evaluation:

Intervention of a social worker or pedagogist

- The impact of the workshops on the group of youngsters:

Teacher or youth center responsible intervention

- Research handbook introduction

by the social worker/ referent of the project

- Questions & Answers

- Conclusions

Costs covered by the project

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- Travel costs (until 250 euro maximum for return ticket)

- Food

- Accommodation (in double rooms for the night before the event)

- After confirmation of the selection, the chosen participants will be asked to book the flight anticipating the costs

- To subscribe is necessary to fill up the application form for one on the events

- You can send us a mail at display@stranaidea.it, or you can call us at 0039347.6368341. You can also follow us on Facebook: here's the link to our page.

Events application

Fill up the form

If you are interested in partecipating to one of the events, you will need to fill up the form. Since there are very few spots available, we will mostly take in consideration the reason why you'd like to participate.

Partner Organizations

Experience exchange: Introduction and description of the social theater experience, particularly theater and disability of all partner organizations.

The organisations belonging to the Project Display operates from many years in the expressive and artistic theatre and especially with disability and diversity. They aimed at a form of theater and artistic works that are not merely ways of entertainment, recreation or containment for individuals with or without disabilities, but innovative ways to integrate social intervention with the cultural action and promote new sensitivity able to conceive the diversity as a resource rather than a limit.

The partner organisations found themselves similar in the use of methodologies based on practical activities, which keep in mind the totality of the person and participatory models. Using imitation techniques, improvisation, movement, attention, listening, body expression, creativity, the use of voice and rhythm accompaniment, melody and music.